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About, Advance Firetec and Research Lab Pvt. Ltd.

Advance Firetec and Research Laboratory is an independent testing laboratory devoted to the providing impartial & reliable testing for a variety of Fire Fighting equipments & materials used in Residential, Commercial & Industrial premises such as Foams, Powders, Portable & Mobile Extinguishers  of  Foams, Powders, Gases type, Hose Reel, Hoses, Axe & Hooks, Fire Blanket, Fire Tenders,  Conductivity test of Extinguishants, etc.  as per National & International Standards as

follows ;- IS:4989,4989(Part-4), UL-162, IS:4308, IS:14609, IS:4861, UL-299C, IS:15683, ISO 7165, EN 3-7;2007-10, UL-711, IS:16018, DIN EN 1866-1:2007-10, IS:4947, IS:636, IS:8423, IS:12585, IS:4927, IS:5290, IS:884, IS:5714, IS:901, IS:902, IS:903, IS:904, IS:905, IS:906, IS:908, IS:8090, IS:2871, IS:927, IS:926, IS:8096, IS:15381, IS:2546, IS:942, IS:943, IS:944, IS:948, IS:949, IS:950, IS:951, IS:952.


Testing is conducted for research and development purposes and certification approval for levelling

Quality Policy

All members of Advance Firetec and Research Lab are committed to comply with requirements of International Standard ISO/IEC:17025-2005 to provide state of the art testing services for fire fighting equipment and material, thereby supply the social cause of Fire Extinction and prevention and to ensure continuous improvement in their services leading to customer satisfaction through:

  1. Quality of Services including tests. (evaluation & reporting )
  2. Impartiality of test & test results
  3. Confidentiality
  4. Providing  timely  Services


The management of the Institution is committed to ensure involvement, motivation and training of its employees.  The management also strives for technical up gradation of facilities as an ongoing activity at all the time.
Quality Objectives
  1. The management of Advance Firetec and Research Lab has set the following objectives to be achieved within the organization: -

    1. Training of Tech.Persons at least once  a year
    To ensure service delivery at least 90% in time in one year.
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